- kreato's cyberspace

This is kreatea - kreato's privacy-respecting services' place. Here I host stuff that nobody uses except me (sometimes a lie).


I have these services up and running.

See the wiki in order to gain information about these services.

All services are also available through Tor except Vaultwarden and Matrix. You can use them using Onion locations

You can check our Status page for issues. (Is not available through tor, and hosted in Github Pages)


Kreatea has the right to delete your account for any reason. This doesn't mean I will though, just use common sense.


Where can I get a account?

For that, you need to contact to my Matrix at and request a account. Some services like Searx, Gitea, Matrix and others are public, but Nextcloud is private.

How can i delete my account?

It depends on the service, Gitea has a option to delete a account, but others may not. If you want to delete your account for any reason, contact me at at Matrix and I will try to help you remove your account.