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<title> - wiki</title>
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<h1> - wiki</h1>
<p>This is the wiki. Here i have useful information about what does the services that im hosting do, and how to use them.</p>
<h1>Wiki pages</h1>
<ul><li><a href="">Gitea</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">Matrix (Synapse)</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">Nextcloud</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">Searx</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">Nitter</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">PrivateBin</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">Libreddit</a></li></ul>
<ul><li><a href="">Vaultwarden</a></li></ul>
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